Wildflower identification courses

Effortlessly learn to recognise the species that grow around you, and remember what you learn forever... guaranteed!

Why study with us?

Learning to effortlessly recognise the native plants of your surrounding environment is one of the most rewarding things you will do in your lifetime. Being able to name the plants you see around you is the first step to becoming knowledgeable about and feeling an intimate connection with nature. 

Unlike guidebooks or other methods of study, our flashcard sets are designed to guarantee that you acquire and retain the ability to recognise and name the plants that you see around you in the most efficient way possible.

There is no other way to learn to recognise the wildflowers in the UK so effectively or in so little time.

I've never been able to remember the names of plants and flowers despite owning many guidebooks. With the UK Wildflower course, learning and actually remembering them was incredibly easy!

Nature Enthusiast

Such an effective way of learning! I found it very easy to learn all the wildflowers and now I finally know what I'm looking at. A very satisfying experience!

Plant lover

Instructions were really easy to follow. I'm only 9 days in and already I can recognise every single flower I see on my weekend hikes.


Thanks for the incredible resource! I'm amazed at how many plants I've learned in next to no time, and it was completely effortless. Very cool course.


About Us

Dara Javan,


Hi, I'm Dara. I created wildflowercourses.com because I believe that everyone should be able to recognise the plants that grow around them, and that learning to do so should be easy. I also believe that experiencing the power of spaced repetition learning techniques can renew anyone's faith in their ability to learn.

I grew up in Purbeck, in Dorset, close to the most biodiverse square mile in the UK. Both my mum and stepdad worked for Natural England until their retirement and they filled me with a love for nature and for plants. I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, which included plant sciences, ecology, and evolution. I now work for a sustainability education start-up.

I live in Dorset with my fiancee and our twin baby boys.